Gabon’s contested elections

Without surprise, the presidential elections’ results in Gabon, announced on 31st August and making Ali Bongo the winner, are controversial and denounced by the opposition. Yet, since the proclamation of the outgoing President’s victory, violent demonstrations have broken out across the country. Despite Ban Ki-moon’s congratulations during the holding of the presidential election in Gabon … More Gabon’s contested elections

What to expect from Zimbabwe this year?

Many issues will affect Africa this year. First of all, the Burundian crisis is far from being solved, one can still see human rights violations occurring across the country. Second, numerous Presidential elections will take place on the continent (DRC, Uganda, Ghana, Niger, Chad, and many others) – some of which being expected with worry. … More What to expect from Zimbabwe this year?

CAR: the stalemate of the reconciliation process

After the civil war that erupted in 2013, and despite the French-led operation Sangaris and the African intervention (MISCA – later MINUSCA under UN authority) during December of the same year, the Central African Republic (CAR) seems to be in an impasse. As recent events have showed us, violence is still occasionally breaking out in … More CAR: the stalemate of the reconciliation process

Burundi: towards another civil war?

Since Pierre Nkurunziza inauguration, what the best observers predicted seems to happen: citizens and political opposition are restless while the government increases arrests and intimidation, thereby nurturing the cycle of violence. Not surprisingly, the Burundian President Nkurunziza was re-elected in the aftermath of the presidential 21 July election. For all that, citizens and political opposition … More Burundi: towards another civil war?